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Missing People Find Application

The Missing People Find app is a flagship Android Application developed by Quark Systems that has been created to help raise awareness and provide a means of report sightings of missing people all over the world. This app is especially useful for people wanting to reconnect with friends and relatives that have gone missing in a natural or humanitarian disaster.

Some of the key functions and features of the app are as below:

  • Report a Missing Person You can list one person, or you can list a group of people. List the name of the missing person If you have filed a police missing report, you can list that person’s name on the app too.
  • List the Age of the missing person You can list the age the person was when he or she went missing, and the age that person would be now if still alive.
  • List the location where they were last seen You can enter the place the person was last seen and the place the person may have gone missing from. You can also update this as new (and legitimate reports) come in. You can pinpoint the exact GPS co-ordinates of the person where they were last seen so local individuals can be on the look-out and search groups can be created. Download it from the Play Store here: